The Shipping of Garment with high level from Shenzhen to UK


The customer’s requirement is to arrange Hanging Garment Container shipping his goods. And he commissioned us to arrange the trailer and custom declaration. First of all, it is necessary for SO to contact shipping owner to make sure the details of Hanging Garment Container, such as how many bars are required and how many ropes will be on each bar.

In this case, there are 22 rope poles. Each rope pole is with 20 ropes and each rope is with 10 knots. In order to make sure goods shipped in good conditions, there are 20 bags of moisture-proof beads and a layer of plastic cloth in the cabinet.

When the driver who was entrusted to pick up the cupboard, the cabinet needed to be opened then it was requested to take pictures and confirm if no problems. It will take longer when loading, so we needed to pay more attention to overtime fees. And at last, the custom declaration went smoothly.

It is wise for you to choose Long Sails. We provide you with professional services to make your goods shipped well.

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