The shipping of KTV building materials from China to US


Customer: Chinese American

Goods: KTV building materials

Delivery Type: Door-to-Door DDP service


At the end of 2017, one of cooperation customers introduced a Chinese-American customer Mr. Li for us. What Mr. Li wanted to shipped involved many categories. After classified, there were still 48 product names and 12 suppliers which not including suppliers from Taobao. Customer, Mr.Li, required that goods should ship door to door from Shenzhen to the United States Atlanta, GA, and we should provide DDP service.


According to Mr. Li request, we can offer a suitable program: First, goods from all suppliers shipped together to our warehouses in Yantian Port. After that, we arranged a unified loading within two counters for shipment. In the end, customs clearance and Door-to-Door delivery were arranged after arrival in the United States.


The cargoes that needed to be shipped contains large sofas (light goods) + tiles (heavy goods). They are two extremes, one with large size but light weight and one with small size but heavy weight. So it is wise for us to pack these two goods in half to meet the US shipping requirement about local weight limit of 19.9ton/40HQ.


At the same time, we found that the biggest difficulty of this shipment is the customs clearance in the United States. It is necessary for us to provide the FDA certification of the stage equipments and need to continuously confirm with the suppliers whether they have laser or not. In addition, Due to the large number of categories, we should offer the customs clearance line to the United States to confirm whether they can be connected. Thanks for several confirmations of communication, customs clearance line replied: Yes.


Mr. Li was no import experience of packing lists, invoices, bills of lading information, customs clearance documents, etc. Each step was also needed to get help from our team member. They needed to contact each supplier to confirm the goods with a suitable time. Each packing list, bookings arrangement, cabinets loading, customs clearance, the bill of lading verifying, etc all went smoothly.


Before the goods arrived, the consignee suddenly notified that the US warehouse had no unloading platform. Because of FCL, we could not provide lift gate to help our customers. When we were all anxious, luckily, Mr. Li had quick wits in an emergency, he made an unloading platform in a easy way. At last, goods were successfully unloaded.

The customer is very satisfied with our service. He said: Such a complicated cabinet does not meet the customs inspection. That was very lucky and amazing. 


No matter how complicated the shipping, Long Sail can always provide you with the best solution. The best price deserves the best service! Customer satisfaction is what Long Sail always pursued.   

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