Mechanical equipment shipped by 40`OT special cabinet from Shenzhen Yantian Port to Indonesia


In the second half of 2017, we got the business card of Miss Lin at the exhibition. Her business is mainly in mechanical products export. Sometimes, special cabinets are necessary for her business. We following this case about half year, in April this year, she made a reservation of shipment about 3*40` OT cabinets exported to Indonesia.

Then we made a detailed arranged about this shipment due to the requirement of special cabinet. It is necessary for market department to inquire the shipping company and make a contract, otherwise, there is no way to make the next position and release the position. After urging the position booking, the contract is ready, and the position is finally put down.

Because of being short of the mechanical equipment, the destination port customers were eager to receive the goods. In order to finish well of this shipment business, we followed it seriously. After the trailer was arranged, the team was also asked to pick up the counter as soon as possible. We confirmed every step whether going smoothly, because of the lack of special cabinet, we were so worried that we could not arrange it.

This shipment is actually exported from Yantian Port. However, the cabinet list also showed that there are cabinets at the dock in Yantian Port. It is unusual that there will be non-local pick-up charge. After checking, we found that what SO showed was cargo exported in Yantian Port, but what cabinet list showed was cabinet returned in Shekou Port. That means there were some problems with the shipping company or the terminal system. In fact, this problem should be discovered by the team. Luckily, it is not too late to find out this problem.

Because it was 5 PM at that time, in order to not delay customer’s order, we still arranged the loading from factory. The operating colleague sent a message to the shipping company on the same day. In the next morning, the cabinets went to the factory for normal loading, and the shipping company system was revised correctly, showing The Returning Terminal is Yantian Port. Finally, this shipment had a good beginning.

It was almost leading to a big disaster! After goods arrived at the destination port in time, it relieved short-term cargos tension. At last, we gain confident from Miss Lin, and she was satisfied of this shipment.

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