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What is Bonded Logistics?

With the professional experience of operation Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone/ Yantian Bonded Area/ Chiwan Qianhai Free Trade Zone, and close connection with these three bonded zones, we have certain professional basics of bonded operation and enjoy below priorities as their contract agency partner.

Below goods can be stored in the bonded logistic center

1.Domestic goods for export; 2.Entrepot trade goods and international transit goods;

3.Foreign cargo for temporary storage;

4.Import and export goods in processing trade;

5.Materials and maintenance spare parts for supplying international navigation ships and aircraft;

6.Maintenance spare parts for foreign products import cargo;

7.General trade import goods which are not yet gone through customs procedures;

8.Other goods which are not yet gone through customs procedures with the approval of the customs


1.Bonded storage for import and export goods and other goods not completing customs procedures;

2.Processing and value-added services of the stored goods;

3.Global procurement and international distribution and delivery.

4.Entrepot trade and international transit trade;

5.Other business other international logistics industry and with the approval of the customs.

  1. Advantage policy for Futian Futian Free Trade Zone
  2. Free circulation between the bonded area and other territories outside China, non customs duties and free of license.
  3. No VAT for cargo shipped between Futian Free Trade Zone and other territories outside China. 3. The goods shipped from other China areas to Futian Free Trade Zone are deemed to be exported, and verification can be cancelled.
  4. Vehicles with Hong Kong license can enter and exit Futian Free Trade Zone freely with its special symbol showing “Hong kong--Futian Free Trade Zone”. Shenzhen license is not required. 5. No mandatory rules for the storage period of the Entrepot goods and bonded goods, and no charges for the supervision of the customs. (Storage period is usually six months, and can be extended for another 6months)
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