Long Sail International logistics Company
what is International Warehousing?

International warehousing a service provided in destination countries, with the importance of serving foreign companies on local warehousing.

We cooperate with well-known cross-border warehousing companies to provide global warehousing. Goods are free from the limitations of weight, volume and congested route in peak seasons. The advantage is that the convenient geographic locations facilitate its connections with harbors, airports and distribution centers, enhancing the turnover rate of goods as well as lowering logistics costs.


Our services cover exportation, importation and container yard. Different warehousing solutions satisfy different commercial needs from clients. Apart from basic warehousing and transportation businesses, we also provide value-added services of warehousing including packing, unpacking, repacking, LCL, sorting and packing, special packing for precision equipment, bar code management, mark labeling, order management and distribution logistics. Regarding different client needs, we provide one-on-one customized supply chain solutions.


We provide general warehousing to keep goods at normal temperatures and under natural ventilation without special requirements.

We provide warehousing for special goods.

We also provide value-added services including packing, unpacking, repacking, LCL, mark labeling, order management, etc.

We have rich experience and a professional team for cross-border warehousing management.

We provide sound warehousing environment for goods and adopt strict regulations.

We provide comprehensive supporting services including supply chain finance, transportation, settlement of exchange, inspection, etc. We provide convenient and highly efficient supporting services.

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