Long Sail International logistics Company
Cross-border Shipping
Cross-border Air transport
Overseas warehousing
Customs clearance and last mile delivery
CROSS-BORDER LOGISTICS PROJECT DESIGNED Trailer-made cross-border logistics project designed by our supply chain platform,reducing cost to increase benefit.
TRADITIONAL SERVICE AND IT SYSTEM International transpotation by marine/land/airway/express , customized IT system docking by API would be easily achieved seamless docking with customers.
PRODUCT COMPLIANCE CONSULTATION Product compliance consultation Import access standards counseling Labeling service
AGENCY AND EXPORT CUSTOMS DECLARATION AND INSPECTION SERVICE Glogal agency network and self-own oversea branch ,also covering every main port in China. Several years of experience team service with faster clearance.
PROFESSIONAL WAREHOUSING AND DELIVERY TRANSPOTAION Professional standardized warehousing,FBA / oversea warehouse transfer,drop parcel & delivery service.
VALUE-ADDED SERVICES Bar-code / batch / tracking managment ,labeling service,standard tallying, picking, sorting and packing services
Because of the change of policy for current cross-border e-commerce platform like Amazon, highly developing of cross-border branding in different region, continuous upgrading of e-commerce operational planning, the cross-border e-commerce logistic products of LONGSAIL are constantly upgrading to meet the growing needs of clients.。
According to supply chain management and operation strategy of cross-border e-commerce, customers can be customized including seaway & airway transport for FBA, destination port customs clearance & delivery, international express delivery, postal, oversea cross-border warehousing and a series of value-added services involved in Europe and America, southeast Asia and other regions of cross-border e-commerce logistics platform.
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