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What is commodity inspection?

Commodity inspection is a product of international trade, which presents documents issued by inspection agencies to specify the quality and number of goods after inspection.

Which goods need inspection?

1.When the consignee asks the consignor to go through commodity inspection, to ensure the consistency of the goods received with what is stated in the contract, it is necessary with a commodity report.

2.For goods that require legal examination, they must go through formalities before exportation, upon the request by the country of origin.

3.Legal examination may be needed in the importing country. It can be undertaken in either the importing country or the exporting country.

In most cases, inspection is undertaken before declaration. Only when the inspection is completed by relevant departments and the clearance sheet for entry is presented does the customs accept declaration. Therefore unnecessary troubles can be avoided if inspection is well done before declaration.

What is the signficance of the test?

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