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Mechanical equipment shipped by 40`OT special cabinet from Shenzhen Yantian Port to Indonesia
2018.07.09 Mechanical

In the second half of 2017, we got the business card of Miss Lin at the exhibition. Her business is mainly in mechanical products export. Sometimes, special cabinets are necessary for her business. We following this case about half year, in April this year, she made a reservation of shipment about 3*40` OT cabinets exported to Indonesia.

The shipping of KTV building materials from China to US
2018.06.25 Other

At the end of 2017, one of cooperation customers introduced a Chinese-American customer Mr. Li for us. What Mr. Li wanted to shipped involved many categories. After classified, there were still 48 product names and 12 suppliers which not including suppliers from Taobao. Customer, Mr.Li, required that goods should ship door to door from Shenzhen to the United States Atlanta, GA, and we should provide DDP service.

The Shipping of Garment with high level from Shenzhen to UK
2018.06.20 Clothing

The customer’s requirement is to arrange Hanging Garment Container shipping his goods. And he commissioned us to arrange the trailer and custom declaration. First of all, it is necessary for SO to contact shipping owner to make sure the details of Hanging Garment Container, such as how many bars are required and how many ropes will be on each bar.

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